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Always Strive For Success

Author : Daoud Davis

This video was recorded November 2019 in The New York City Subway System, I was delivering our Products to some store, and getting new accounts, while documenting the process. We now are in a completely different reality that was once reality. For one this was post Covid-19 !! That should say enough !! Looking back at this video is like time traveling to the past. How much things would change within the next few months !! A change that came quick & ny surprise !! Yes things were different, more difficult but we stayed relentless towards our goals.When you are relentless you will find the break through in your obstacles and then will then become opportunity.

Many times you have to do what is necessary to get the job done. Sacrifices must always be made. Whether you are growing your business, losing weight, eating healthier, etc if it is a goal that you set out for yourself you have to first envision it then stay consistent. Manifesting and thinking is our way of time traveling. Anything worth having & worth doing will also never be easily obtained !! I’m so happy to have captured the mindset i was in planting the seeds of growth.

It's Now 2 years later 2021...still got the same beautiful beard, we still got a lot of growing to do but the lives changed through our consistent effort has been beautiful to watch & i'd like to thank you for that.

Follow the journey with us as we continue to grow and serve.

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