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Updated: Nov 23, 2021

WARNING !! YOU CAN BE WALKING AROUND WITH 5-50 pounds of undigested fecal matter in your colon !! It may look like your expecting a baby, but the only thing waiting to happen is disease. Instead of a life force it’s the opposite of life force, life waste.

The keys to healing are detoxification, Vitalization, Rejuvenation, & Movement. We need to align our life under these principles. When unbalanced disease is created. Did you know the average person can hold 5-50 pounds of undigested waste in the colon ?? Did you also know up to 80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system ? Did you know that your immune system fights off diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, covy, etc ? Do you eat at least 2-3 meals a day ? Do you understand now how you need to have 3-6 bowel movements a day !!? If you’re not having 3-6 bowel movements a day it is because you need to eat more fruit and vegetables. You also need to drink a gallon a water a day. Our Colon cleanser will help to reverse the damage done and help you get back to a normal healthy digestive system. Cleansing is for a short period, hence why you do take the tonic for a period and stop !! Let me ask you a question when you eat like shit do ask your self how long are you gonna eat like shit ?? You don’t !! So don’t do the same when it comes to being healthy!!

When it comes to our overall health our vitality plays a major role !! The question is how does one ensure we are getting enough vitality though out the day with so much of our food today lacking minerals !? Yes We have to eat a healthier diet and seeded organic food but additionally we can take superfoods !! Foods that’s are high in mineral content !! Seamoss has a high amount of minerals and vitamins, which provides the necessary building blocks to maintain our overall health. We didn’t stop there !! We infused our seamoss with a blend of herbs to improve ones libido, energy, maintain healthy heart, brain, and overall one’s vitality !! Vitalization is the energy behind life !!


  1. Throw away all junk food

  2. Do 90% of your shopping in the produce section of the supermarket, buy from farmers market or best grow your own food.

  3. Cook your own food

  4. Eat fruits for breakfast

  5. Drink more water

  6. Have a eating schedule

  7. Exercise

  8. Rest, relax, & meditation

  9. Detox, Vitalize, Rejuvenate, Movement

  10. Take Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser

  11. Take Dr.Mission’s Seamoss


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