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How to Make a Porridge Better than your Grandmother !!


What you need :


Burro Banana

Green Plantain

Almond Flour

That’s your base 👆👆

Your Seasonings & Supplements 👇🏽

DrMissions Vitality Moss






How to make it !!

Take your base items put in a blender with some water & blend. Not to much water cause you can also add water but you can’t take it out once you put it in. Let it blend til smooth, Put that in a pot and cook on low heat for 10-15 mins. Add seasoning as you cooking and stir.

Make sure you consistently check on your porridge and store so it doesn’t stick to the bottom. After cooking add seamoss, stir in. Top with fruits. I choose banana, blue berries and apples. You can choose any fruit you like, as well as nut seed and dry fruit. Experiment at home and tag us on your creation.



Watch the video Below to under the concept of making porridge. It’s a different recipe but once you understand how to make it you it Doesn’t really what ingredients you’ve choose as long as you follow the blueprint.

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