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The Key To Detoxification


Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser is an All Natural Herbal Tonic designed with 21 Organic Herbs to eliminate the 5-50 Pounds of Undigested waste that the average person can store within one’s Digestive system at any given moment. Acting as a natural detox for the digestive system, our Colon Cleanser improves the natural bowel movements of our body. Not only does it cleanse the intestinal tract but also cleanses the liver, kidneys, improves cardiovascular circulation, improves focus & memory, and overall maintains one’s well being. ​WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO CLEANSE THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM? It is important to cleanse the digestive system because 80% of our immune system is located in our digestive system. As a reminder, Our immune system is the body's defense against unfamiliar bacteria responsible for infection and illness within the body. It recognizes the cells that make up our bodies and will try to get rid of unfamiliar entities, through detoxification. If our digestive system has an excess amount of undigested waste in our intestines, our immune system will not only be weakened but have a harder time fighting off foreign toxins in the body, which are the root cause of illness ! The cornerstone of our health lies within our digestive system. Our Cleansing tonic will naturally rid your body of these toxins, by improving one's bowel movement, improve the flushing of the liver, improve blood circulation, regulating blood sugar levels and much more. Once you cleanse the core of your body, normal health follows. YOU MIGHT HAVE 5-50 POUNDS OF S*** IN YOU ! Let's start with a few reasons why you should be taking Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser, shall we? It has been scientifically proven that the average person can store anywhere from 5-50 pounds of excess waste within their small and large intestines. This excess waste is the root many avoidable chronic diseases such as the common cold to as severe as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. This excess waste is also manifested in those “few pounds” that many people are so desperate to lose around the waist. Eliminating this waste on a regular basis will have immediate positive benefit toward your health and well being. Once you infuse these powerful herbs into your diet, your body will be able to function better with the assistance of these powerful healing herbs. Taking our colon cleanser will lessen the risk of becoming sick by boosting your immune system and eliminating that causes us to fall ill. SO WHAT IS IT MADE OUT OF? At Dr.Mission’s we take pride in guaranteeing we source the highest quality herbs we can access. Our that Colon Cleanser is an all natural tonic complied of over 21 CERTIFIED ORGANIC herbs specifically chosen to aid the body in eliminating unwanted toxins from the body. Our Special Blend of Herbs Included in Dr.Mission's Colon Cleanser are of the following; Alkaline water, Aloe powder, Astragalus, Black walnut Hull, Blue Flag, Burdock, Cascara, Sagrada, Cayenne, Clover, Dandelion, Ginger, Ginkgo Biloba, Gotu Kola, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Pau D'Arco, Peppermint, Red Clover, Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Senna, and Spearmint. There is no soy, gluten, preservatives or any chemicals whatsoever in our tonic. HOW DOES IT WORK? Being that the average person can hold anywhere from 5-50 pounds of undigested waste in one's digestive system, and up to 80% of our immune system is also located in our digestive system, the cornerstone of our health, lies within our digestive system. By regulating and improving one's bowel movement to at least 3-6 times per day we can ensure we are not accumulating dangerous amounts excess of toxins within the body. Each herb within Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser contains unique benefits working towards synergistically improving the functionality of our internal organs. The best way to stay healthy is prevention of what gets us sick. Some of the Facts It may not be common knowledge but it has been scientifically and statistically proven that there is a major epidemic in regards to dietary related issues. Medical research states the following;

  • A 2016 study published in the journal BMJ Open found that the average American gets 57.9% of their daily calories from ‘ultra-processed foods’.

  • The National Institutes of Health reports that as many as 70 million Americans are suffering from these and other symptoms of poor digestive health.

  • An average of 245,000 Americans die of the digestive-related disease every year

The major contributing factors causing this epidemic to falls under two major reasons, one being the over consumption of “ultra-processed foods”, and the lack of consumption of natural plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, plenty of water and of course powerful herbs. The use of herbs should be viewed as something that is consumed on a regular basis to improve and avoid unnecessary diseases. THE BEST WAY TO TAKE DR.MISSION’S COLON CLEANSER ? We recommend taking our Colon Cleanser on a regular basis in order to receive the full benefits of incorporating a full spectrum of herbs in your diet. Taking the preventative measures of eliminating unwanted toxins from our body as a preventive measure towards many diseases and illness come from excess toxins within the body. Taking our Colon Cleanser on a regular basis will assist your body in its natural functionalities of eliminating waste effectively. We recommend taking 4 Fl. Oz, about 4 times per week or about every other day on average. If you feel you need a deeper cleanse, to treat any particular health issue we would recommend taking the recommended dose every day for an extended amount of time which can be anywhere from a 1-4 week cycle, once completed return back to take 4 fl. oz every other day. It is best to take our colon cleanser a couple hours before bed, after your last meal in order to fully cleanse what you ate the previous day the following. For those who don't know our colon cleanser is a bitter taste tonic so we recommend eating an orange or any citrus fruit and drinking a glass of water after you take your dose of Dr.Mission. ​HOW LONG WILL A BOTTLE OF DR.MISSION'S LAST? A bottle of Dr.Mission’s Colon Cleanser is 32 Fl.oz, which will come with 8 serving sizes at 4 fl. Oz each. We recommend that the average person takes our colon cleanser 3-5 per week for best results. Meaning 1 bottle will last anywhere from 1-2 weeks if taken properly and on a consistent basis. We recommend taking 1-3 bottles per month for best use. HOW LONG SHOULD I DETOX FOR? THIS IS NOT A MAGICK POTION, YOU MUST ALSO PUT IN THE WORK ! We should continuously cleanse, and make sure we are giving our bodies what we need but just as importantly taking out what we don't ! Let's look at cleansing as cleaning our home. We all have different homes, different sizes, types, you name it but what we all have in common is that in order to maintain a nice home you must clean it, yes ?! Of course you do ! Yes you can change your diet which can be compared to the furniture in your house, but in order for your home to look its best, you must clean it from time to time. You must use soaps, with water, a mop and most importantly your consistent effort. You want to compare the mop to your diet, the herbs to the soap, and water as a representation of how much you hydrate. Now if you have a fairly good diet, and drinking enough water, on cleaning day that means you got a really nice mop and water. I'm not too sure how clean your house will be with just using a good mop and water. YOU NEED SOAP !!! To really get your home clean, which for our bodies is the herbs. But most importantly, we need consistent effort. We can clean up our home nice a couple of times but the moment we stop is when the home will begin to deteriorate with filth. The same is with our bodies !! WE must continuously strive to improve of state of health as long as we are living. That path lies in our GUT !

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