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Timing is Key To Healing

The Circadian Rhythm To Health & Wealth

5am-11pm - Detoxification - During the time of Detoxing we want to eat fruits, drink water, tea, smoothies. During these times we want to hydrate our body, and provide digestive enzymes to have a balanced microbiome gut health. During this time is a great time to exercise in order to active your digestive system. This is also a great time to have your vitality moss & tonic !!

11pm-9pm - Vitalization - This is when our body will be at its peak to receive in food !! Especially after working out in the morning !! Your body will be in need of minerals at vitamins so the rest of the heavier food you eat through out will already have a place to be utilized due to prior calories and energy being burned. During these times we want to eat our heavier foods like nuts, grains, beans, seeds, & mushrooms .

9pm-5am - Rejuvenation - We should stop eating around these times in order to get ready for rest. We want to give our body some time to get past at least 2 hours before sleeping after you eat. So if you end up eating to late you either are going to go to sleep on a full stomach or stay up too late which both isn’t valid. We need to ideally get 6-8 hours of sleep ideally, but not all time is not the same !! During 12am-3pm is best to be a sleep !! During these times is best to take DrMissions Colon cleanse in order to help the digestive process with eliminating the root cause of disease.

Remember timing is key it’s not always about if you’re doing things right but more about timing. Every heard the saying right place and time. Yeah that’s what we wanna do with our health. Peace and love remember to get rest !! And take a rest day out the week !!

We are on A Mission to Keep you from an early transition !!

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